The Top Ten Things I Learned with SFI

March 6, 2020

Kaseba Chibweth

San Diego, California


           Kaseba was a part of the Human Sex Trafficking Thread with four other Volunteers and two Interns.  They worked closely with a Mentor from Breaking the Silence Together to create a project around exposing human trafficking in our own backyards.  With greater awareness, more change can be made.  This mantra led them to create a social media platform to inform the public about human sex trafficking in the San Diego area.  Find them on Instagram @hstyouthaction and read more about Breaking the Silence Together here:


Hey everyone! Over the summer I learned so many different things regarding human sex trafficking and from the people that I have met in my Thread. So here are the top ten things that I learned through my experience with the Social Fabric Initiative:

  1. Human sex trafficking is an issue that is occurring right in our backyard and is an industry bringing in over $810 million to San Diego’s underground economy.
  1. If you have something to say, make sure your voice is heard. There are no right or wrong ideas. Let all of your creative ideas flow!
  1. Make sure to go out of your way to talk to people you don’t know because they are just as nervous as you are. You don’t want to miss out on amazing friendships!
  1. Food is the way to everyone’s heart.
  1. Stay organized, keep track of what is being said in meetings, and always hold up your end of the task. Make sure to be on time and come with a positive attitude.

  1. Human sex trafficking is an issue that can be prevented by anyone regardless of race, age, or gender.
  1. Patience is an important virtue. I will admit that my patience was definitely tested during the last few weeks of SFI.
  1. Make sure to have fun while working with your thread members and mentors!
  1. No human being on this earth is immune to human sex trafficking. Some think that only certain types of people get trafficked, which simply is not true. It can happen to any time.
  1. Myth Bust: Does teamwork really make the dream work? Yes, because when you are working on something with a group of people it is important that the end result is a collection of everyone's opinions and thoughts. There is no “I” in team. I will say that teamwork does require patience, hard work, and listening. If you are being mindful of the people around you, then teamwork certainly does make the dream work.
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